David Gary Lloyd


David Gary Lloyd utilizes photography and digital painting to present a dreamy view of the world. David attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), graduating with BFAs in Photography and in Graphic Design with a focus on Advertising. While maintaining a benevolent outlook on life, David’s artworks pose a dialogue on the psychological effects of mass marketing, nature, and how these can mold a person’s perspective. In his portraits, subjects are presented as individuals whose unique experiences create a narrative distinct from anyone else’s.

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As a teaching artist at the Perez Art Museum (PAMM), David presents concepts to youth through storytelling and engages their critical thinking to help them develop a vocabulary and personal opinion on contemporary art. He has exhibited at Scope Art Fair during Miami’s Art Basel, GLAAD Art Auction in NYC and been featured on SaatchiArt and DesignMilk. David is originally from Annapolis, MD, and currently lives and works in the colorful neighborhood of Wynwood located in Miami FL.

Artist Statement

Often responding to beauty in both nature and the human experience, David makes images and objects that have a romantic and mysterious examination on life. His work explores the idea of attractiveness utilizing found natural elements such as plants, decoration and perceived human beauty.

Lloyd’s artworks are conceptually motivated with the way society uses advertising to mold and manipulate our perspective and interaction with the world. By presenting an attractive image, somewhat seductive, he parallel’s marketing strategies used by mainstream media to call upon an audiences direct attention, similar to what one may find in a magazine ad.

In contrast, David showcases elements of beauty within the natural world by highlighting enviormental subject matter. Flowers, Leaves, Landscapes and other flora and fauna are blended though his work as a means to compare what we value as true beauty within our world. Often inspired by long walks in nature, he takes note of subtle details that are easy to overlook, like a glistening raindrop suspended on a spiderweb.

David’s most recent body of work “Bed Of Roses” constructs together portraits using studio lit photographs of Mannequin Heads, Roses and People. The various subject matter is blended together in complex photoshop layers and fused together as one digitally painted and printed artwork. He uses his extensive knowledge of photoshop and image editing to enhance and distort his subject matter to a dream-like and romantic interpretation.


Discussing Al Held's artwork at the Perez Art Museum Miami. Image by  Jahaira Rios De Galvez

Discussing Al Held's artwork at the Perez Art Museum Miami.
Image by Jahaira Rios De Galvez

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