New Artwork

New Work - "Ascension"

When we experience the loss of someone so important in our time, we lose a part of ourselves. Similar to that empty feeling of misplacing the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle, our emotional state weakens. But the image we remember, and the traces of that person left behind creates a deeper sense of what love truly is. A power of connection that goes beyond our senses. 

This photo-collage is composed in camera by layering crystal glass and vintage stamps. The nostalgic nature of the stamps suggests a yearning for the past and moments we cannot physically have again. Layering crystal objects on top of the subject creates a barrier between our world and an unobtainable world.

Limited Edition of 25 per size. "Ascension" is an Archival Digital Photograph printed on slightly textured fine art paper. Matte Surface. Mounted on archival museum board.

3 Sizes Available