Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are your prints made?
A: I have been using the good folks Finao for years. I think they are the best!

Q: What kind of paper do you print on? 
A: Artworks are giclee printing on Hahnemuhle German ethcing paper. The prints are encased within an archival white mat for added protection. 

Q: How are prints packaged?
A: Artworks are packaged in a clear sleeve, placed in a sturdy boutique presentation box.

Q: How long will it take to receive my Artwork?
A: Because most of my artwork is printed on demand, please allow up to 8 days for your artwork to be shipped.

Q: What if my artwork arrives damaged?
A: I do my best to make sure everything arrives safe and sound. However, occasionally things do happen in transit and I deal with this on a case by case basis.

Q: Why are some artworks more expensive than others?
A: Each artwork is priced individually depending on a few factors:

- The number of printed editions available for a certain artwork

- How large the dimensions are of the final piece

- When the work was created

Q: Does the artwork come framed?
A: Currently David does not offer a framing service. The prints are encased within an archival white mat for added protection. The final size of the art fits into standard size frames, or may be taken to a professional framer where you can customize your framing.

Q: How do you recommend I frame my Art?
A: The method of framing is completely up to you. However it is recommended the art be taken to a professional framer where they use archival quality materials. All the framing materials should be Acid-Free to prevent gradual deterioration of the art. Ideally the glass is Anti-Glare and UV protected to block direct light from fading the artwork. Placing the artwork in direct sunlight will cause the piece to change colors and fade over time as any other light sensitive material would.

Q: Where do you find your models? Can you make me into an artwork?
A: David scout's subjects from his everyday life and frequently asks close friends to be photographed. He gladly accepts private commissions and inquiries can be emailed to David here.